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Guray Tezcan

Guray TezcanGuray Tezcan, 1988, born in Istanbul, spent almost all times in central areas, therefore totally ignorant about the nature and do-it-yourself culture. Lived in Berlin and London as well, tried to join some AR movements there. May be called anti-authoritarian, animal liberation activist, anti-militarist. Strives to live freegan and polyamorist. Graduated from advertising but decided not to make money from it at all. Has a masters degree from Goldsmiths College on cultural studies; dissertation is on heteronormative monogamous marriages. Right now, active in two movements in Istanbul: Food Not Bombs, Freedom to Earth. For the future, the only plan is escaping from civilization and creating a communal area in the nature where technology, industry and discrimination are not welcome. So, Guray has a lot to learn in order to survive. Oh yeah, Male, but does not call himself man.



Restless Vegans: Criticism of consumerist veganism







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