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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Friday, 12.09.2014   17:30-18:20   Room B
Tree rights, animal rights, one fight
Alain De Coessemaeker

Being confronted with our mass deforestations worldwide, as the same happening in my country where Officials feelinglessly kill our last Trees (6 years ago I informed the press when our officials killed illegaly 300 Old Trees 500 meter from where I live) while a Tree is seen as an object, same like an Animal, following the by Rene Descartes` influenced Code Napoleon law system, till in my own garden where judges obliged me last year to kill all Trees till even in my own garden. This however did motivate me in April this year to start the Global Tree Rights Movement in order to help break this old Cartesian laws Worldwide which not only degrade our Animals, but even our Trees to senseless objects. Only a paradigm shift without creating a dichotomy between Trees & Animals can help support a real mentality change in order to respect every Individual being in its Intrinsic value it lent to itself. It is clear that fighting for Animal Rights includes fighting for the rights of our Trees as well.

It is very sure that a vegan diet is one necessary step to reach this paradigm shift as by eating vegan we save the Lifes of up to 80% more Trees & Plants and 100% more Animals, like Prof. Dr. Anteneh Roba explained us in his speech at the IARC2011 two years ago. So, a paradigm shift can only be workable if we include All living creatures in our axiologie and not make an artificial separation Animal versus Plant.

As long as we consider one species inferior to another, how can we fight speciecism in its artificial roots? As biological creature we need to eat something to survive and to live in the best possible condition, but not without taking into consideration which is the best possible way to survive for as much as possible creatures in the best possible circumstances. This leads us to a Vegan - Fruitarian diet as the less harmful solution. To respect the Intrinsic Right to Live of every creature, we have to save the Lifes of as much as possible creatures, no matter which species they belong to. Every creature should be respected in his/her individual value (s)he lent to her/himself. Our lawmakers should be sensibilized in this way worldwide, which is in the interest of every being on this beautiful Planet Earth we share. In the presentation, I want to discuss the different valuation levels of a Tree as individual & link this with the Animal Rights philosophy as same fight for the recognition of the Intrinsic Right to Live of every creature on this Planet Earth & in order to ban speciecism where possible.













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