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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Saturday, 13.09.2014   12:00-13:20   Room B
Change in strategies of the animal rights/liberation movement
two activists from Tierbefreiung Hamburg

Recently, in many western European countries vegetarianism and veganism has become more widespread. Alongside there are more public discourses about the treatment of and our relation to animals. This leads to the question, how not only a change in consumption patterns but also political change in regard to animal liberation can be achieved, and which strategies are the best to be applied.

As a social movement, the animal rights movement is rather young. Its strategies have always been developing and are heterogeneous. Some groups are focusing on consumerism, some intend to directly weaken the animal exploiting industries, others try to change laws or partake in lobbyism in parliaments. In recent years, a shift in the movement towards professionalization, gaining more public support and less radical tactics can be stated.

On the background of these developments, we want to focus on the different strategies of the movement and analyze the underlying reasons and concepts that lead to these strategies. After a short introduction it will be discussed, which advantages and disadvantages certain strategies have for the political change we want to achieve, and which consequences a change in the movement towards specific strategies might have. Doing this, also the significance of the economic system will be stressed and it will be asked which strategies could lead to a change in economy.













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