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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

Program 2012


P= presentation    D= discussion    W= workshop    PP= project presentation

Thursday, September 13th 2012

12:00-21:30     Registration & Infopoint open
13:30-21:30Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
14:00-14:40Opening Plenary
15:00-15:50PThe way out of the blind alley of animal research-orientated medicine
Silke Bitz
15:00-15:50PThe animal and rights theory
Jan-Harm De Villiers
16:00-16:50PLet`s influence the children
Stephen Marcus Finn
16:00-16:50PGlobal anti-vivisection campaigns
Camille Hankins
17:00-17:50PHow to deal with media, law enforcement and the public in civil disobedience.
Chris DeRose
17:00-17:50PThe sexual politics of meat
Carol J. Adams
18:30-19:20PAbolitionism: Anatomy of an ideology
Robert Garner
18:30-19:50PThe animal activist documentaries and the documentary tradition
Bianca Salles Dantas
20:00-21:30Welcome Reception with free food

Friday, September 14th 2012

08:30-19:00     Registration & Infopoint open
09:00-20:00Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
09:00-09:50PVitamin B12 in toothpaste
09:00-09:50PVegan belief in law
Jeanette Rowley
09:00-09:50WComputer security & privacy
Heiko Weber
10:00-11:20PThe rise and fall of the human empire
Steve Best
10:00-11:20WGroup of studies on animal rights
Carlos A. Bedin Cipro
10:00-10:50PACTAsia`s NO Fur China campaign
Pei F. Su
11:30-13:00movie: "A.L.F." (French with English subtitles)
(Not a public screening! Only for press and conference participants!)
11:30-12:20PVegan dogs
Colin Goldner
11:30-12:50PUnderstanding the psychology of eating animals for effective advocacy and personal empowerment
Melanie Joy
11:30-12:20WActivism vs. social veganism
Tino Verducci
13:00-13:20PPOne day as an animal in Portugal
Rita Silva
13:00-13:50D"A.L.F." - discussion with the producer
Gauthier Lamothe
14:00-14:50PFrom the ALF to vegan education
Ronnie Lee
14:00-15:20PAfrica and its animals
Anteneh Roba
14:00-14:20PPThe new group "Animal Equality Germany"
14:30-14:50PPInvestigations of Igualdad Animal / Animal Equality
15:00-15:20PPLeur vie ne nous appartient pas
15:30-16:20PFrom charm to alarm - Appropriating art for animal rights
Stephen Marcus Finn
15:30-16:20PRepression in the Spanish animal rights movement
15:30-15:50PPThe Vegan initiative born in Slovenia
16:30-17:20PGV-nachhaltig - Vegan in volume
Felix Hnat
16:30-17:20PA vegan diet for active lives...and a better world
Christine Vardaros
16:30-17:50DOpen discussion slot
17:30-18:20PVegan generations
Roger Yates
17:30-18:20PMedia and animal rights
Silvana Andrade, Lobo Pasolini
18:30-19:30Dinner @ KuFa
19:00-20:30Dinner @ Café ROCAS (Luxembourg city)
20:00-23:00Concert @ Café ROCAS (Luxembourg city)
live on stage: Tes + Sheena Bratt

Saturday, September 15th 2012

08:30-23:30     Registration & Infopoint open
09:00-20:00Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
09:00-09:50PAnimal rights activism in Brazil
George Guimaraes
10:00-11:20PIntegrating activism in your daily life
Brendan McNally
10:00-11:20PGreat Ape Project relaunched
Colin Goldner
10:00-11:30movie: "SKINTRADE" (English)
11:30-12:20WSpeaking truth to power
Melanie Joy
11:30-12:50DState repression of the animal rights movement
Felix Hnat, Brendan McNally,
13:30-14:50PWorking effectively for animal rights
13:30-14:50PPredation versus transplantation
Stijn Bruers
13:30-15:00movie: "Der Prozess" (German with English subtitles)
(Not a public screening! Only for press and conference participants!)
15:00-15:50D"Der Prozess" - discussion with a charged activist
Felix Hnat
15:00-15:50PRescuing the rhino
Sarah Rutherford Smith
15:00-15:50PSpeciesist violence
Romina Kachanoski
16:00-16:50PSpeciesist education
Samuel Guerrero
17:00-18:20PThe modern animal advocacy movement - Advantages of dividing the movement
Emil Franzinelli, Friederike Schmitz
17:00-18:20DOpen discussion slot
18:30-19:20PThe vegan diet
Katharina Petter
18:30-19:20PThe Green Hill story - when activism saves live
Tino Verducci
live on stage:
Gina Simmons & The Nobodies
Minutes From Memory

Sunday, September 16th 2012

08:30-15:30     Registration & Infopoint open
09:00-15:30Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
09:00-10:20PBe mindful of your feelings
Stijn Bruers
09:00-10:20PHow to be most effective to make real change for animals
Chris DeRose
10:30-11:50PThe V-word
Elizabeth DeCoux
10:30-11:50PFuture trends - Meat, hunger, and global warming
Dawn Moncrief
12:30-13:20PThe war on animals, the politics of nature and militant resistance
Steve Best
13:30-14:00Closing Plenary
14:00-15:30Closing Reception with free food

Some general information about the program

All presentations and workshops are scheduled to have a 10 minute break until the next session, so that there is enough time to take a short break and switch to another room.

note: all information on this web site is subject to change as the conference planning proceeds
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