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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

Saturday, 15.09.2012   16:00-16:50   Room B
Speciesist education
Yesterday`s education as the source of today`s prejudice
Samuel Guerrero

Our attitude towards non-human animals(1) is determined by the education we have received. Since early childhood, both the given teachings at school and the experiences lived around us, marked the way we consider the rest of animals, our mentality and the way we interpret reality.

The talk focuses on the education field. In it, the analysis of textbooks and didactic resources which we received at school shows that behind those teachings we can find the ideas and elements that uphold speciesism(2), the bias by which non-human animals are discriminated against.

Through such study, the personal experience of the speaker himself as a teacher in a public Primary school sets a model to prove, on the one hand that the official syllabus keeps its speciesist condition intact.

Important facts will be the experiences lived while working as a teacher in a public school with students, professorship and parents.

Consequently, an alternative education project is suggested, whose goal is, firstly, to inform both the education system and the public opinion and media about the existence of this speciesist education, and secondly, to put forward a new syllabus that may convey values of respect, justice and equality towards all animals, including veganism as the attitude that best embodies them all.

Report released for the first time at the 3rd Vegetarian Congress, Madrid, April 2007

(1) As we humans belong to the animal kingdom, we refer to non-human animals (dogs, cats, pigs, cows, etc).
(2) We refer here to the anthropocentric speciesism, that is, the discrimination of animals by the human being.













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