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Samuel Guerrero

Samuel GuerreroNative of the Basque Country, working as a teacher in a public school, having spent slightly more than 10 years fighting for the moral consideration of all the animals. He founded the organization we all are animals.

He has co-organized numerous initiatives to claim respect towards all the animals. He has appeared in programs shown on TV, in the radio and has been interviewed in press. As a teacher and an activist, he spends part of his time offering speeches and conferences.

Precisely, he has dedicated his last years to transmit the paper and the importance of the speciesist education that we receive since we are children and his relation with the concept that we have of the non-human animals and with the habits of life we have acquired.

By the years, he has focused his activism in deciphering the reasons why humans have a discriminatory attitude towards the other animals. His labor turns in announcing SPECIESISM, its reasons and the consequences as well as educating in VEGANISM.


Speciesist education







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