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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

Thursday, 13.09.2012   16:00-16:50   Room A
Let`s influence the children
The use of literature to promote animal rights
Stephen Marcus Finn

Children are generally more malleable than adults and they have a conscience that can be awakened. For this reason, we should look for opportunities to promote animal rights at schools, with one of the effective ways being through story-telling, for instance with children`s novels and plays. There are many iconic texts that we can use for our purposes (often subversive) without upsetting parents and authorities. Although these are discussed briefly in the presentation, most concentration will be on my recently published children`s novel, The Story of Humphrey the Hereford, with an explanation of how I`ve used it with various groups of children. The presentation ends with some exciting suggestions to get children and schools involved in promoting the animal rights agenda.













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