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Friday, 14.09.2012   16:30-17:20   Room A
GV-nachhaltig - Vegan in volume
Felix Hnat

More then 16 millions Germans eat in community kitchen accommodations every day. Typical large scale caterers are university cantines, hospital kitchen or business cantines where people take their daily meal. In Germany more and more of these accommodations offer vegan options - often in the name of climate protection. Over the last year more than 20 in-house-cooking-classes with cantine-chefs took place where vegan cooking for the masses was taught. E.g. now the Studtenwerk Berlin, where food for 55.000 people is produced daily, is selling between 4.000-8.000 vegan dishes per day. The German VEBU (Vegetarian Union) played a big role in this development with the STATE-FUNDED(!!!) project GV-nachhaltig. The project manager Felix Hnat presents the successful campaign, tells us how all the worked out, explain why the project is state-funded and what the elements of success were.













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