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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

Friday, 14.09.2012   15:30-16:20   Room A
Repression in the Spanish animal rights movement
Sharon Núñez

On the morning of June 22 2011, Spanish state security forces entered the homes of 12 activists from different parts of the Spanish state (Madrid, Asturias, Euskadi and Galicia). Many of the activists arrested held positions of responsibility within the organisations Equanimal and Igualdad Animal such as heads and spokespersons. Others have actively worked in the past with these organisations in defence of animals. The process against the animal rights movement in Spain continues and given the gross falsity of the accusations, it appears that these arrests correspond to an interest in criminalising the animal rights movement, an interest that is shared by the sectors dedicated to animal exploitation (for example the fur industry lobby).













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