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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

Friday, 14.09.2012   10:00-10:50   Room B
ACTAsia`s NO Fur China campaign
Pei F. Su

China is the largest fur producing and consuming country in the world. China consumes over 66% of global fur products. The demand is growing with the rise in economic standards and online marketing by fur retailers. Young consumers and men are now also being targeted. Unlike in western countries, dogs and cats are openly used as a source of fur products in China. The animal welfare consequences of fur farming are tremendous. Most Chinese fur farms were established in the previous ten years. Animals include foxes, mink, raccoon dogs, and rabbits. Given the scale of the problem, which is increasing, and the amount of suffering involved, ACTAsia has made this a priority campaign with animal protectionists in China.

Our campaigning against the consumption of fur in China started in 2010 with public awareness efforts during the Chinese New Year, the peak fur buying season in China. Following the response to this campaign, we launched a much larger public awareness campaign in 2011 - "NO Fur China". This campaign consists of mobilizing and supporting Chinese animal protection groups throughout the country to protest the use of fur, bringing celebrities on board, and providing information to consumers and activists through a dedicated Chinese website. (Further details are available at:

This presentation will discuss the different elements of our campaign in China, including the successes and challenges we have faced so far. It will also discuss our future plans, and the need to work together with anti-fur groups in other countries to learn from each other and tackle the international elements of the fur trade.













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