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Pei F. Su

Pei F. SuPei-Feng Su has been active in animal advocacy for fifteen years. She has spearheaded various campaigns in Asia on issues including Chinese bear farming, fur farming, the illegal turtle trade, zoos, and stray animal management. She also has in-depth knowledge and experience in strategic planning and international animal welfare project management in diverse environments. Over the last seven years she has focused on building the capacity of local advocates around the world. Pei has a master`s degree in sociology. She is from Taiwan and lives in the UK.

Through her organization ACTAsia for Animals she is currently focused on helping animal protection groups in China to become more professional and effective, heading efforts to campaign against the fur industry in China, promote humane education in Chinese schools, train vets to improve welfare standards and lobby for animal protection legislation in China.


ACTAsia`s NO Fur China campaign







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