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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

Saturday, 15.09.2012   15:00-15:50   Room B
Speciesist violence
Theoretical and strategic foundations
Romina Kachanoski

The aim of this work is to provide elements for a critical description about the "Speciesist Violence", which means, the asymmetric and oppressive bond of relationship exercised by human individuals toward individuals of other animal species. In order to familiarize ourselves with its complexity, the presentation addresses the concept from different angles and perspectives, providing practical examples, which allow us to understand speciesist violence in a better light (images, phrases, facts, etc.). Some theoretical foundations in the field of social psychology justify: the introduction of this new terminology, its close link with the current Speciesism of the 21st century and certain parallels with other types of violence (sexist, racist, ecological, etc.). Through an adaptation of the "violence triangle" proposed by Johan Galtung (1998), and from exhaustive analysis of their typologies, we can see the cycles of speciesist violence (visible and invisible) and the specific ways in which it is practiced in everyday life. Finally, it analyzes the pragmatic use of discourse in order to establish some guidelines and strategies of social intervention (prevention campaigns, awareness, etc.) that help in making visible the fight against Speciesism and Speciesist Violence.













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