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Friday, 14.09.2012   11:30-12:20   Room B
Vegan dogs
How to establish and maintain vegan nutrition for dogs
Colin Goldner

As science and experience proof, dogs can be fed purely vegan - provided it`s knowledgeably done - without causing any health problems to them. As opposed to the widespread propaganda of the pet food industry they even benefit healthwise from vegan nutrition.

Good nutrition of dogs has to fulfill three basic conditions:

  1. it must contain all nutrients required (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, amino acids) in sufficient quantities and in appropriate relation to each other;
  2. it must help to maintain the dogs overall good health (i.e. help to prevent health problems or diseases);
  3. it must, regarding taste and smell, be to the dogs liking, so he/she will eat enough of it.
All of this can be guaranteed by proper vegan nutrition. Therefore vegan nutrition of dogs should be an ethical beholdenment for animal rights activists living with (shelter) dogs.

The lecture will explore the scientific data and provide information on how to establish and maintain proper vegan nutrition for dogs.













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