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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

Friday, 14.09.2012   11:30-12:20   Room C
Activism vs. social veganism
To save a life, would you first boycott veganism?
Tino Verducci

In the last few years we all witnessed a growing trend of "social veganism", where people get together for food, meetings, picnic, potlucks and more food; and at the same time, only a handful of activists protest for animal rights. The word "vegan" is now a household name. They have created a community, for vegans to stay in contact with vegans, and help support long-term veganism. If you are going back with the years, you cannot forget the activism was action, the same action that freed animals and brought animal rights to masses.

Can activism and social veganism going hand-to-hand? Why the social vegans are less active for animals, or less dedicated? Are the two groups making a difference to the animals?

  • introduction presentation: 5 minutes
  • group discussion: 20 minutes
  • group finding & presentation: 30 minutes













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