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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

Thursday, 13.09.2012   17:00-17:50   Room A
How to deal with media, law enforcement and the public in civil disobedience.
Chris DeRose

Media is your tool to reach the public. First you have to understand what the public is looking for or what you need from them to make real change for the animal issue you are working on. If for example you are doing civil disobedience you want to work with law enforcement. Your intention here is to get media coverage on your issue and having a high police visibility could be helpful as long as you are not using them as your enemy. You don`t want to be fighting with the police and trying to help the animals at the same time. History has shown us many times that no matter how strong you are you can`t fight a two front war. Stay focused and zero in on your target/goals/objectives. Make sure the media has some visuals that are interesting. This is what`s going to make the airways. This should be done on a very serious note. No laughing, signs that are clear and get your message out there, and strong sound bites for the media.













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