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Camille Hankins

Camille HankinsCamille Hankins is the founder of Win Animal Rights (WAR) and No Kill New York. WAR is a group of hardcore, grassroots, direct action campaigners dedicated to ending the brutality and killing at Huntingdon Life Sciences and other vivisection laboratories as well as the campaign to ban horse drawn carriages in New York City. WAR has participated in international campaigns including "SPEAK", "Gateway to Hell", "Air Souffrance", "Mazor Farms" and most recently "Green Hill". WAR has supported global fur campaigns against ESCADA and Max Mara and led a local focused campaign against Dennis Basso Furs in New York City. No Kill New York was organized in 2010 to stop the killing of homeless companion animals and free-roaming animals in New York`s regressive shelter system. Camille is a vocal and dedicated proponent of the No Kill Solution.

Since the very first actions of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) in the United States, over 30 years ago, Camille has been an ardent supporter of the ALF and the animal liberation underground and has spoken at conferences and universities both nationally in the United States and internationally in support of "Direct Action", "Animal Liberation" and "Strategies for Effective Animal Rights Campaigns". She has served, for several years, as Press Officer for the North American Animal Liberation Press Office and now acts as an independent spokesperson and supporter of the Animal Liberation Front.

Coupled with over 20 years of experience running effective animal rights campaigns and supporting international coalition efforts, Camille`s background includes over 20 years of corporate sales, marketing and management expertise. In 2010, she spearheaded the negotiations for the liberation of 120 beagles and 55 macaque monkeys from a failed animal testing laboratory in New Jersey, USA. All of the beagles were placed with families and the monkeys placed in accredited primate sanctuaries. In addition to coordinating the efforts of two very active AR groups, in her spare time, Camille rescues companion animals from "pro-kill shelters" and the streets of New York City.


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