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Friday, 14.09.2012   09:00-09:50   Room B
Vitamin B12 in toothpaste
The results of a medical study in Germany
Sebastian Zösch

Vitamin B12 is arguably the biggest Achilles` heel of a vegan diet and thus a hindrance to animal liberation. Current studies suggest that up to 40% of vegans are deficient in vitamin B12. Common solutions such as supplementing vitamin B12 with the help of pills, drops or injections are often perceived as `unnatural` by the general population and as a sign that a vegan diet is not inherently healthy. In addition, they are often costly and can easily be forgotten. To solve this problem and to promote a vegan lifestyle the German Vegetarian Union (VEBU) has invented a toothpaste that is fortified with vitamin B12. A recent medical study with more than 100 participants shed some light on the actual vitamin B12 levels of vegetarians and vegans and has shown the effectiveness of the new toothpaste.













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