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Sebastian Zösch

Sebastian ZöschSebastian Zösch (32) became vegan more than seven years ago and has been actively working for animal rights in various national and international organizations. He is currently CEO of the German Vegetarian Union (VEBU) and promotes a plant-based lifestyle through his frequent media presence in print, on radio, and on TV. Sebastian received six international media awards for his role in charge of marketing the "cannibal restaurants" campaign. He brought the "Vegane Schnupperwochen" (vegan pledge) and the "Veggieday" campaign to Germany and initiated "VeggieWorld", one of Europe`s largest fairs for a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle with more than 21,000 visitors. He is co-author of the German versions of Kath Clements` Vegan and Jonathan Safran Foer`s Eating Animals. To make the vegan lifestyle healthier and attractive Sebastian Zösch "invented" the first toothpaste fortified with vitamin B-12, which is sold internationally. Aiming at large caterers he initiated the government-funded GV-nachhaltig project, which amongst other achievements persuaded Berlin`s universities to offer a daily vegan option. Through political lobbying in Brussels and Berlin Sebastian has promoted the EU-wide legal definition and protection of the terms "vegetarian" and "vegan".


Vitamin B12 in toothpaste

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