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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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List of Presentations/Workshops/Discussions

Ableism, ageism and speciesism
On intersections and inclusiveness in the animal rights movement
PRESENTATION Geertrui Cazaux Saturday, 08.09.2018  14:30-15:20  Cinema
Activism On The Road
You can make the difference
PRESENTATION Shivonne Engen, Ruth Leysner Sunday, 09.09.2018  11:30-12:20  Room B
Animal abolitionist environmental education
A necessary new paradigm
WORKSHOP Paula Brügger Friday, 07.09.2018  14:30-15:20  Room B
Animal rights situation in China and animal rights campaigns on campus
PRESENTATION Huiyu Ouyang Saturday, 08.09.2018  16:30-17:20  Cinema
Being a teenager and a full-time activist
The importance of the youth in the animal liberation movement
WORKSHOP Massin Riggs Friday, 07.09.2018  17:30-18:20  Room B
Building our compassion endurance
PRESENTATION Johnny Braz Sunday, 09.09.2018  13:30-14:20  Room A
Campaign Discussion: International Campaigns
DISCUSSION Simon Anhut, Alexandria Beck Friday, 07.09.2018  15:30-17:20  Room B
Campaign Discussion: Reaching young people
DISCUSSION Paula Brügger, Aysegul Ciyer, Jesse Tandler Saturday, 08.09.2018  11:30-13:20  Room B
Campaign Discussion: Undercover Investigations
DISCUSSION Susan Hartland Thursday, 06.09.2018  18:30-20:20  Room B
Capitalism vs. ethics
PRESENTATION Mario Burbach Thursday, 06.09.2018  18:30-19:20  Room A
Creative dissent: Why creativity is the critical for social change
PRESENTATION Paula Meninato Sunday, 09.09.2018  12:30-13:20  Room B
Deep canvassing for animal rights
WORKSHOP Stijn Bruers Thursday, 06.09.2018  16:00-16:50  Room B
MOVIE Friday, 07.09.2018  19:30-21:20  Cinema
Don`t throw away our history - archives for the movement
PRESENTATION Tom Zimmermann Friday, 07.09.2018  19:30-20:20  Room B
Educating animal rights to children through mobile apps & games
PRESENTATION Abdul Ahad, Kaleem Malik, Faheem Jehan Zaib
Effective humane education in the classroom and beyond
PRESENTATION Jesse Tandler Friday, 07.09.2018  15:30-16:20  Room A
Friday Morning Plenary
MORNING PLENARY Friday, 07.09.2018  09:30-10:20  Room A
Go Veggie for 30 Days
notification-based action - gamechanger in pro veg*an campaigning
PRESENTATION Cezary Wyszyński Friday, 07.09.2018  10:30-11:20  Room B
Growing and improving an activist network
The case in France with L214
WORKSHOP Olive Gramain, Camille Ots Saturday, 08.09.2018  15:30-16:20  Room B
H.O.P.E. What You Eat Matters
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Nina Messinger Friday, 07.09.2018  15:30-17:20  Cinema
How big data can help to build a vegan world
PRESENTATION Stijn Scholts Saturday, 08.09.2018  10:30-11:20  Room B
How to campaign against animal suffering with limited resources?
PRESENTATION Paweł Frańczuk Thursday, 06.09.2018  17:30-18:20  Room B
Judgement in the Animal Rights Movement
DISCUSSION Shivonne Engen Friday, 07.09.2018  11:30-12:20  Room B
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Saturday, 08.09.2018  11:30-13:20  Cinema
Like, sign & share - Is online activism killing the movement?
PRESENTATION Viktor Gebhart Saturday, 08.09.2018  10:30-11:20  Room A
Mainstreaming our message
New strategies for the new media landscape
PRESENTATION Rachel Krantz Friday, 07.09.2018  10:30-11:20  Room A
On the edge of the margins
Being a native american, queer, immigrant and antispeciesist within the AR US movement
PRESENTATION Gerardo Tristan Friday, 07.09.2018  16:30-17:20  Room A
Saturday Morning Plenary
MORNING PLENARY Huiyu Ouyang Saturday, 08.09.2018  09:30-10:20  Room A
Sexism and male privilege among activists
PRESENTATION Lisa Kemmerer Friday, 07.09.2018  12:30-13:20  Room A
Sunday Morning Plenary
MORNING PLENARY Sunday, 09.09.2018  09:30-10:20  Room A
Talking about sexism and male privilege in the movement
DISCUSSION Lisa Kemmerer Saturday, 08.09.2018  16:30-17:50  Room B
Teaching kids about animal rights and justice: A critical analysis of children`s books
PRESENTATION Aysegul Ciyer Friday, 07.09.2018  19:30-20:20  Room A
The "Livestock Revolution" and its dire consequence on global hunger and climate change
PRESENTATION Dawn Moncrief Saturday, 08.09.2018  15:30-16:20  Cinema
The End of Animal Farming
PRESENTATION Jacy Reese Sunday, 09.09.2018  10:30-11:20  Room A
The importance of scientific method and rational thinking in animal advocacy
PRESENTATION Stan Carnino Sunday, 09.09.2018  12:30-13:20  Room A
The new spirit of veganism
PRESENTATION Sunday, 09.09.2018  11:30-12:20  Room A
The Power of Coalitions
PRESENTATION Alexandria Beck Thursday, 06.09.2018  19:30-20:20  Room A
The power of social media to advocate for animals
PRESENTATION John Oberg Friday, 07.09.2018  11:30-12:20  Room A
The role of sanctuaries in animal liberation
PRESENTATION Indra Lahiri Friday, 07.09.2018  17:30-18:20  Room A
The Save Movement
Bearing witness and the power of loved based activism
PRESENTATION Lena Ella, Karol Marocho Friday, 07.09.2018  14:30-15:20  Room A
The vegan revolution is a social revolution
PRESENTATION Victor Sjodin Thursday, 06.09.2018  15:00-15:50  Room A
The Vervet Forest
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Friday, 07.09.2018  10:30-12:20  Cinema
Transforming democracy for the sake of systematic change - animal rights in politics
PRESENTATION Sebastiaan Wolswinkel Sunday, 09.09.2018  10:30-11:20  Room B
Vegan communication: The problem and the promise
PRESENTATION Melanie Joy Saturday, 08.09.2018  12:30-13:20  Room A
Vegan nutrition - separating the evidence from superstition
PRESENTATION Christian Koeder Saturday, 08.09.2018  11:30-12:20  Room A
Ways to live as a longtime animal rights activist
WORKSHOP Martin Smedjeback Friday, 07.09.2018  12:30-13:20  Room B
What are animal rights?
PRESENTATION Erwin Vermeulen Thursday, 06.09.2018  16:00-16:50  Room A
What strategy to end vivisection?
PRESENTATION Luísa Bastos Thursday, 06.09.2018  17:30-18:20  Room A
When compromise is neccessary to win a campaign (on an example of Polish antifur campaign)
PRESENTATION Martyna Kozlowska Saturday, 08.09.2018  14:30-15:20  Room B
Why should feminists fight for animal rights?
PRESENTATION Karolina Skowron Thursday, 06.09.2018  15:00-15:50  Room B
Your phone is your best tool to help animals!
PRESENTATION Jane Velez-Mitchell Friday, 07.09.2018  20:30-21:00  Room A

Some general information about the program

All presentations and workshops are scheduled to have a 10 minute break until the next session, so that there is enough time to take a short break and switch to another room.

note: all information on this web site is subject to change as the conference planning proceeds
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