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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Friday, 07.09.2018   14:30-15:20   Room A
The Save Movement
Bearing witness and the power of loved based activism
Lena Ella, Karol Marocho

International The Save Movement organizers Lena Ella and Karol Marocho will present one of the largest and fastest growing animal rights organizations "The Save Movement" in their talk. They will share an overview on how the movement started originally and what has happened since. The concept of bearing witness to animals arriving at the slaughterhouse and the power of love-based activism will be discussed in depth as well as the importance of non-violence, one of the main aspects of the code of conduct of the worldwide movement. As two full-time touring Save Movement activists, Lena and Karol will provide an insight on the most powerful experiences and outcomes of love-based activism and share their knowledge and experience on overcoming challenges in holding vigils.




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