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Lena Ella

Lena Ella

Lena Ella is a passionate full time animal liberation activist, touring throughout the year as an international The Save Movement organizer to different countries, wholeheartedly starting and supporting new Save groups. She is also the regional Save Movement liaison for Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

In her hometown Vienna in Austria she organizes Vienna Animal Save, Vienna Fur Animal Save and Anonymous for the Voiceless Vienna. Before becoming vegan 8 years ago, in 1995 Lena turned vegetarian at the age of 10. That was when she started her first baby steps into activism by writing a personal complaint-letter to the CEO of McDonald`s. After studying sociology and working as a successful make-up artist in Vienna, she left a career that wasn`t in alignment with her ethical core values to become a compassionate full time animal liberation activist for The Save Movement. She is now planning her third Save Movement tour, starting in late September 2018, together with her partner James Hoot, the director of "Vegan Round the World: The Series" and Seb Alex, well-known animal rights activist from Barcelona, Spain.



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