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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Abdul Ahad

Abdul Ahad

Abdul Ahad Faheem is the main force behind Voice of Animal Foundation. He is a social entrepreneur, motivational speaker and animal rights activist. He is a true advocate of animal privileges in Pakistan. He is the one who came up with an idea of spreading awareness for animal rights especially in children through web games. He is very ingenious with his thoughts and ideas when it comes to animals, their protection and freedom.

He truly believes that this planet should be a land of happy living for all animals. Therefore, he is educating young children to take care of animals. He is also delivering lectures to students at school level how to treat animals and make them happy and comfortable to their surroundings. His idea of shelter homes for animals is an approach to provide safe lodging for homeless animals.



Educating animal rights to children through mobile apps & games







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