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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Thursday, 06.09.2018   17:30-18:20   Room A
What strategy to end vivisection?
Luísa Bastos

Eight years ago, the EU has updated its directive for the protection of animals used for scientific purposes. Two years later the third successful European Citizens Initiative asked the EU to stop vivisection. Have these events brought success to the animal advocacy movement? Have they created a stronger feeling of legitimacy in animal researchers? This presentation explores the developments and perspectives of member states, the European Commission, users of animals, and of non-governmental animal advocacy organizations about the way forward towards non-animal science. Given the current scenario, we will discuss strategic perspectives with the aim of phasing out the use of animals in education, research and testing. This contribution aims to launch the debate among activists and organizations about how all can together improve the impact on animals` lives.










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