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Paula Brügger

Paula BrüggerProfessor at the Ecology and Zoology Department of Santa Catarina Federal University, Brazil, where she coordinates the Ecological Justice Observatory. Graduate studies in Biology, Master`s Degree in Education, PhD in "Environment and Society". Lectures and research include environmental and abolitionist education; representations of nature and nonhuman animals in the media; ethical/epistemological implications of mechanistic paradigms in vivisection; and the ecological, ethical, social and economic dimensions of sustainability in industrial processes as livestock raising. Author of two books on environmental education. She coordinated the Department of Environment of the Brazilian Vegetarian Society (2005-2007) and was Director of Education of the Animal Abolitionist Institute (2006-2008). She has been, since 2008, a columnist for the "Animal Rights News Agency", ANDA (Brazil).



Animal abolitionist environmental education

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