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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Friday, 07.09.2018   14:30-15:20   Room B
Animal abolitionist environmental education
A necessary new paradigm
Paula Brügger

A robust legislation aiming at the protection of the environment and nonhuman animals is absolutely necessary, as well as public policies derived from such laws. Nonetheless, in order to promote a genuine shift of paradigm, we need a new education that exposes the connections between the pillars of our Western culture – dominated by a mechanistic/speciesist paradigm – and our present environmental, social, economic, political and ethical crises. As today there is an impressive amount of data that make uncontroversial the existence of animal sentience and conscience, this presentation/ workshop also aims to show that the inclusion of an animal abolitionist dimension in mainstream education goes hand in hand with the inclusion of ethics as a dimension of sustainability.










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