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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Friday, 07.09.2018   17:30-18:20   Room A
The role of sanctuaries in animal liberation
Indra Lahiri

Sanctuaries have come under a lot of scrutiny lately. Many have been discovered to be fronts for hoarders, and shut down for cruelty. Still more open their doors only to close them a year or two later due to lack of funding. A small minority is suggesting that sanctuaries serve not as liberated territories, but rather as prisons. And a number of critics have lately come forward with the notion that sanctuaries are too expensive, and that advocacy without animal rescue is a more cost effective way to liberate animals. Is there a place for Sanctuaries in Animal Liberation? How do we define Sanctuary, and how does it differ from a prison or a place of hoarding or abuse? Is there a role for nonhuman animals in this movement? If so, how, and where? How should Sanctuaries and rescued animals contribute? Do we really need as many sanctuaries as we now have, and can we support them? And how might the movement move forward effectively without them? Using true stories to illustrate various perspectives, we will explore these questions together.




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