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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Saturday, 08.09.2018   10:30-11:20   Room B
How big data can help to build a vegan world
Stijn Scholts

The demand for vegan products is at an all time high. In their quest for transparency on the path to purchase, the consumer more often turns towards social media, mobile applications and other digital resources to acquire information about the desired products or brands. As a result, a massive digital footprint is left behind by these customers. Yatke wants to use this wealth of information to obtain new insights for plant based food companies.

During this presentation we will show how Yatke uses big data to measure and visualize the vegan world.

Can we measure the rise of veganism? Can we measure the impact of our actions? What strategy works best to make a change? How do we define a target audience for our actions?




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