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Dawn Moncrief

Dawn MoncriefDawn Moncrief is the founding director of A Well-Fed World, a US-based food justice, hunger relief, and animal protection organization. A Well-Fed World partners with and financially strengthens vegan feeding and farming programs; farm animal care and rescue; and plant-based advocacy campaigns. Dawn holds two master`s degrees from The George Washington University: one in international relations, the other in women studies – both with a focus on economic development. Her research and writing highlight the ways in which the use of animals for food in the U.S. and internationally exacerbate global hunger, resource-depletion, and climate change. She also draws attention to the unintentional harm of exporting and "gifting" animals for food in low-income countries, as well as common loopholes with humane label marketing in high-income countries.



The "Livestock Revolution" and its dire consequence on global hunger and climate change







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