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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Saturday, 08.09.2018   15:30-16:20   Cinema
The "Livestock Revolution" and its dire consequence on global hunger and climate change
Dawn Moncrief

Global consumption of animal-sourced foods is drastically increasingly – the so-called "Livestock Revolution." While the "increases" largely stem from emerging lower- and middle-income countries, the per capita consumption rates in higher-income countries set an unsustainable and destructive standard that exacerbates global hunger and intensifies climate change.

This presentation will outline some of the tangible connections between the animal consumption/production, global food security, and climate change. It will also take critical look at the focus of world leaders on "increases" among the world`s lower-income populations, to the neglect of "current" exorbitant consumption rates among the world`s higher-income populations. Included will be points about the deceptive use of statistics and a critique of solutions that focus on switching to grass-fed production methods.










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