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Susan Hartland

Susan Hartland

Susan Hartland is the new director of the Netherlands-based Animal Rights organization. Susan was previously the executive director of Wildlife Waystation and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

As director of Animal Rights, Susan works with the campaign leaders to develop programs, strategy and follow ups for each campaign, including investigation, undercover filming, media coverage, legal and political initiatives and supported by information and educational programs and reports.

It is my lifelong mission to save and protect animals. This started years ago when I worked with stray animals in shelters in rural Georgia (USA). Through this experience I began to understand how deep and spread the exploitation and suffering of animals is. I also learned how important organizations and individuals are who are committed to stop the unnecessary suffering of all these animals. The witness of this suffering has raised awareness in me that animals have feelings and should be treated with dignity and respect and allowed to live autonomously from human interference.



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