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Paweł Frańczuk

Paweł Frańczuk

Paweł "Franek" Frańczuk is an experienced social and animal rights activist. Currently a proud coordinator of a local group of Viva! Action for Animals in Łódź (central Poland). Having co-founded the group in 2011 has developed it from scratch. He was a part of a few social movements but feels best at animal rights since it is the most action-driven one.

Since 2013 has been an advocate for Animal-Free Circus campaign in Poland. He was one of the authors of the first complete report on the situation of animals in circuses in Poland, published in 2016.

Apart from activism has a full-time job at business-processing, though being an English studies graduate. In little free time which is left, is a sports fan and therefore enjoys promoting veganism through healthy lifestyle.



How to campaign against animal suffering with limited resources?







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