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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Thursday, 06.09.2018   18:30-19:20   Room A
Capitalism vs. ethics
Mario Burbach

If we think of our current capitalistic system in the metaphor of a giant skyscraper – as the German philosopher Max Horkheimer did – all oppressed non-human individuals would live in a dark, locked up basement. This would mean that we have to be the ones breaking the locks and set these other animals free.

Capitalism is destroying our planet in many ways. But how did it come this far? And how did pigs, chickens and other sentient beings end up as mere products instead of individuals?

Furthermore: Does handing out leaflets, do corporate outreach or setting up "challenges" and hierarchies – to only name a few methods – help us to fight for other animals and for total liberation? What could we try instead?




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