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Erwin Vermeulen

Erwin Vermeulen

Erwin Vermeulen has been working at sea for more than twenty years. During his leave he traveled the world until the realization grew that all that natural beauty he visited also needed protection. Since then he combines his job as chief engineer on commercial ships with work as campaign leader for Animal Rights. Erwin has also participated in campaigns with Sea Shepherd in the southern ocean (whales), the Mediterranean (bluefin tuna), the Faeroe Islands (pilot whales), Taij, Japan (dolphins) and the US (sea lions).

While living in the US, he helped his girlfriend to rescue underprivileged dogs and cats and volunteering for Sound Watch and at the Wildlife Waystation, a sanctuary for wild and exotic animals in need. Erwin now lives back in the Netherlands with his girlfriend Susan, 3 special-needs cats and two deaf and blind dogs.

Erwin is a photographer and writer. He has written articles for Animals Today, for the international webpage of Sea Shepherd, for Wildlife Waystation and for his blog, X-ploitation Files.



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