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P= presentation    D= discussion    W= workshop

Thursday, September 12th 2013

12:00-20:00     Registration & Infopoint open
13:30-21:30Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
14:00-14:40Opening Plenary
15:00-15:50PAnimal rights: Moral crusade or political movement?
Kim Stallwood
16:00-16:50PHow a small group of determined activists can make a difference for animals
Robert Molenaar
16:00-16:50PVegephobia, what is it? Why is it important to fight it?
Jola Cora
17:00-17:50PThe Cine VEDDAS project
Nathalia Cury, George Guimaraes
17:00-17:50PRights theory, welfarism, and the "new welfarist" amalgamation
Jan-Harm De Villiers
18:30-19:50PVegan nutrition
George Guimaraes
18:30-19:50DCan reformism be a strategy for abolitionism?
Emil Franzinelli, Heiko Weber
20:00-21:30Welcome Reception with free food

Friday, September 13th 2013

08:30-19:00     Registration & Infopoint open
09:00-19:30Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
09:00-09:50Friday Morning Plenary
10:00-10:50PTaking the law into our own hands: Using existing laws as a campaigning tool to achieve abolitionist goals
Liz Tyson
10:00-10:50WComputer security & privacy
Heiko Weber
11:00-11:50PThe science of animal advocacy
Nick Cooney
11:00-11:50PThe Cove 2.0 - Technical support for animal rights investigations in the field
Jan Schneider
12:00-13:20PAnimal rights: 35 years in the making
Chris DeRose
12:00-12:50PA vegan diet for active lives
Christine Vardaros
14:00-15:20movie: Maximum Tolerated Dose
14:30-15:20PFuture: Tense
Steve Best
15:30-16:20PFood justice
lauren Ornelas
15:30-16:20PHow to make your small group professional?
Robert Molenaar
16:30-17:20PAnimal rights in Brazil
George Guimaraes
16:30-17:50PGateway To Hell
John Roberts
16:30-17:50DOpen Discussion Slot
17:30-18:20PTree rights, animal rights, one fight
Alain De Coessemaeker
19:30-20:20PMaking more of our investigations
Sharon Núñez
19:30-20:20movie: Peace, Love & Animals
Johnny Braz, Indra Lahiri
20:30-22:00networking with free snacks

Saturday, September 14th 2013

08:30-21:00     Registration & Infopoint open
09:00-20:00Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
09:00-09:50Saturday Morning Plenary
10:00-10:50PMaking compassion easier
Tobias Leenaert
10:00-10:50PHunt saboteurs UK and US
Airick, Raoul D`Monte
11:00-11:50PThe moral hand
Stijn Bruers
11:00-11:50PVeg Challenge 2.0
Dobrusia Karbowiak
12:00-13:20PIntersectionality in theory and practice
pattrice jones
12:00-13:20DOpen Discussion Slot
13:30-15:10movie: Live And Let Live
Marc Pierschel
14:30-15:20PCampaign(s) against non-human animal milk consumption
Bettina Rehberg
15:30-16:20PThe appropriation of "abolition" and "animal rights" by regulationists
Gary L. Francione
15:30-16:20WAnimal rights arguments
Jens Tuider
16:30-17:50DOpen Discussion Slot
16:30-17:10movie: What`s For Dinner?
17:30-18:00movie: Jim Morris: Livelong Fitness
Ryan Vance
18:00-18:50PThe internal battle, changing the world by changing ourselves
Brendan McNally
19:00-19:50PAnimal liberation movement in China
Grace Han, Shandai, Lucy Wang
live on stage: Tes · Maxime Ginolin · Gab De La Vega

Sunday, September 15th 2013

08:30-15:30     Registration & Infopoint open
09:00-15:30Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
09:00-09:50Sunday Morning Plenary
10:00-10:50PWhat`s wrong with "rights"?
pattrice jones
10:00-10:50PThe European citizens initiative "STOP VIVISECTION"
Adriano Varrica
11:00-11:50PThe Green Hill campaign in Italy
Claudio Pomo
11:00-11:50PCivil disobedience
Ulf Naumann
12:30-13:20PTotal liberation: Revolution for the 21st century
Steve Best
13:30-14:00Closing Plenary
14:00-15:30Closing Reception with free food

Some general information about the program

All presentations and workshops are scheduled to have a 10 minute break until the next session, so that there is enough time to take a short break and switch to another room.

note: all information on this web site is subject to change as the conference planning proceeds
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