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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

Thursday, 12.09.2013   16:00-16:50   Room B
Vegephobia, what is it? Why is it important to fight it?
Jola Cora

"Vegephobia" is when people who refuse to eat animals for ethical reasons are being attacked, ridiculed or discriminated. Human dominion over other animals is massive, brutal and bloody, and it even founds the identity of our civilization. In the center: the institution of meat. When we question the legitimacy of killing animals for food we are exposed to many reactions (teasing, denial, violence ...) which aim is to intimidate us or delegitimize our words. The institutions (educational, social, medical, etc..) and the media make invisible or "pathologize" our refusal to endorse the massacre. We do not like to admit it, but social harassment very effectively hinders our fight. We want to show that it is important to name and fight this issue, because by attacking vegans and vegetarians those people attack the animals that are killed and deny or ridicule their suffering."













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