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Nathalia Cury

Nathalia Cury is biologist, used to be a teacher at public school in Sao Paulo, and is an animal rights activist in Brazil. She is volunteer at VEDDAS (Ethical Vegetarianism, Animal Rights Defense and Society) since October 2011, and since then is getting more involved with the activities of the Organisation, with weekly street activism (at VEDDAS Carte), making presentations at schools, working at backstages, or bringing vegan food to Cine VEDDAS Project. She used to rescue and foster street animals as much as possible, and already find home for some of them (including her three cats). Now she is traveling since July 10th through Europe, and talking about veganism and animal rights with a lot of people. This travel is giving her a lot of inspiration and energy to participate more and more in animal rights defense in Brazil.



The Cine VEDDAS project







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