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Thursday, 12.09.2013   17:00-17:50   Room B
The Cine VEDDAS project
The importance of cinema in animal advocacy
Nathalia Cury, George Guimaraes

The Cine VEDDAS project was born with the intent of spreading the animal rights message through cinema. It was implemented in the city of Natal, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte in 2012. Housed at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, the film exibitions happen once a month in the same place, day and time. At the end of each film session free vegan food is provided, and a volunteer is responsible for answering questions from the audience and conveying more information about veganism and animal rights.

After this successful initial experience, it became more and more clear that the project should go further. In late 2012 the British activist John Curtin, director of the movie "Jill`s Film", came to Brazil, and this was the greatest opportunity for Cine VEDDAS be deployed in the city of São Paulo. By June 2013 the Cine VEDDAS is going to be present in 5 cities in Brazil, and by the end of the year we are planning on having ongoing activities in at least 10 cities.

The intention of this presentation is to share information about the importance of cinema in animal advocacy and also share practical details on how we elaborate our regulations, copyright policies, the way we make contact with producers and directors, films subtitling, negotiations with exhibitors, growth expectations and public feedback. We also aim to encourage activists to create film festivals on animal issues in their hometowns by creating a network with exhibitors, directors and film producers from various places of the world.

The Cine VEDDAS project is a non-profit and non-commercial activity.

With the participation of the founder and president of VEDDAS and Cine VEDDAS: George Guimarães













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