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Ulf Naumann

Ulf Naumann

Ulf Naumann was a co-founder of several animal rights groups in the Ruhrgebiet in Germany like the Tierrechtsinitiative University Bochum (AR general), Aktionsbündnis gegen Jagd (anti-hunting), Anti-Pelz-Kampagne Mülheim (anti-fur), and die tierbefreier e.V. Rhein-Ruhr (AR general) in the nineties and 2000s. During that time he was for limited periods also press speaker for the germanwide associations SATIS e.V. (against animal abuse in university education), for the Offensive gegen die Pelzindustrie (against fur), and die tierbefreier e.V. (AR / animal liberation). From 2003 - 2012 he was chairman of die tierbefreier e.V.

After 5 home raids and 19 AR court cases for 12 individual cases during that time, he unvoluntarily became a semi-expert in law questions (for Germany) concerning animal rights activism. Apart from info-stalls, demos, and media work especially for ALF actions of which the tierbefreier association regularly got anonymous communiques, one of his main activities was performing actions of civil disobedience like hunt sabs, lock ons, roof occupations, and seat blockades. The talk he will give is about experiences with these civil disobedience activities like planning, performing them, media work, and legal questions.



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