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Friday, 13.09.2013   16:30-17:50   Room A
Gateway To Hell
Ending animal-based research by undermining the supply of animals to laboratories
John Roberts

Since 2005, a globally connected network of activists has been working to systematically undermine the transportation of research animals, their sole objective being to force animal researchers into using non-animal methods by obstructing the supply of animals and starving them of the animals they would otherwise use in their experiments.

This informal network has focused its efforts on one of the few places where public opinion can actually have a significant impact on the animal research industry; it has targeted the airlines and forced them to choose between the research animals and their human customers who would prefer not to share their plane with them.

It is estimated [by a vivisector] that over forty passenger carrying airlines would happily transport primates for the research industry in 2005, yet dozens of carriers have since imposed restrictions on the animals they will transport following exposure by activists and today there are only two passenger carrying airlines that are still willingly carry primates destined for the research industry [at the time of writing]!

This presentation tells the story of the Gateway To Hell campaign, from its inception and tactics through to its current strategies and targets, to show how a small group of activists have successfully turned public opposition to vivisection into meaningful results for the animals.













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