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I`ve been an animal rights activist and vegan for over 28 years, focusing mainly on animal rights during this time, I`ve also been organizing around queer activism in the recent years.

In the past I`ve organized anti fur, anti vivisection, and anti circus demos, held lectures with other ARA`s, helped with prisoner support, ran a AR office for years, focused on vegan outreach and volunteering on numerous animal sanctuaries. My history as an activist has also been involved with anti racist demo`s, standing with the American Indian Movement (A.I.M.) against many unjust towards indigenous peoples, fighting homophobia and transphobia!

Lately my focus has been hunting, whaling, culling, tracking and trapping, I`ve been sabbing and disrupting hunts for 20 years in the US, NZ, Canada, Mexico, and the UK, while sabbing in the US is nothing quite as organized as our UK family, we look to change that in the near future!



Hunt saboteurs UK and US







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