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Grace Han

Grace Han

Grace is an experienced web designer and front-end developer living in Staffordshire, UK. As well as being a web geek and social network enthusiast, she also has a big loving heart for animals since young age.

Grace had founded Help Some Paws early this year, a charitable organization that acts as a bilingual (English & Chinese) aid for the voice of animals and animal rights activists in China, aiming to put the Chinese animal rights activists on the map and empower them with global support, thus to fight with confidence against all the cruelty to animal cases and the growing illegal trade of dogs and cats for the meat industry in China.

Grace was born and grew up in China, she had over 20 years of life experiences and understanding of the Chinese culture and people`s attitude towards animals, she also speaks fluently in both English and Mandarin Chinese as well as reading and writing. Through Help Some Paws, Grace has been able to engage with the grassroots animal rights activists, advocates, founders of local rescue centres and animals shelters in China, as well as other Chinese animal lovers and activists around the world, all together working as a team with strategy and planed projects to tackle the issues in China regarding animal cruelty, illegal meat trade and the welfares for rescued animals.



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