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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

Saturday, 14.09.2013   19:00-19:50   Room B
Animal liberation movement in China
Past, Present & Future
Grace Han, Shandai, Lucy Wang

Several massive dog rescue efforts took place throughout the country in early March 2013 and sparkled the "Animal Liberation Movement" in China. During this movement, about 3000 dogs and cats were saved from being slaughtered for meat. These dogs, however, are sadly only a small number of the animals that are regularly stolen, trapped, and tortured due to the soulless meat trade in China.

Because there isn`t any substantial laws protecting animals from cruelty and killing in China, Chinese animal rights activists are faced with fighting an incredible battle in an environment where literally everything is against them. Without the foundation and protection of the appropriate laws, these activists are silenced, beaten, and even labeled as criminals and jailed by corrupt, local and national authorities funded by money-thirsty animal traders.

Using a "timeline" format, we`ll tell stories for the animals in China about their past and present, also propose our outlook on their future through our plans to better the lives of animals in China. Also, by placing the dog (and cat) meat trade as an important part of our presentation, we will cover all the issues that caused by this brutal trade and its negative effects, as well as showcasing the efforts and successes made by Chinese animal activists in saving those animals destined on dinner tables.

As the new generations of China, we believe that to continue its evolution as a nation, the China of today must realize the simple, profound truth that is known throughout the developed world: all life is valuable and deserves respect. Until China establishes laws that prohibit and prevent animal cruelty, it will never become a truly developed nation; for a nation`s morality and humanity are infinitely more valuable than its GDP!

And we want to present to the world that there are many native Chinese animal advocates/activists that are working tirelessly to better the lives of animals in China.













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