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Lucy Wang

Lucy Wang

Lucy was born and raised in a small coastal town in China. The majority of her adult years, however, have been spent living and working throughout different parts of the world. She is an experienced marketing and communication professional for the higher education industry focused on the development of intercultural understanding and diversity inclusion. She now calls the state of Wisconsin in the USA home.

In early March 2013, Lucy began a Facebook campaign entitled "Fight for Animal Cruelty Laws in China (FACLC)". The project was started with the simple goal of raising awareness in the world at large of the growing number of Chinese people willing to stand up and fight for the humane treatment of animals. The number of campaign supporters quickly grew to over 3,000 within two months.

In May, Lucy took FACLC to the next level by forming the WGAPC, a dynamic organization focused on growing and strengthening the incredible relationships between Chinese animal rights activists and animal lovers and activists from around the world. To this end, the WGAPC works to not only raise awareness of ongoing rescue efforts but to also share stories, trade ideas, and promote educational programs to help China grow into a better home for all animals.

The WGAPC is made up of passionate, caring individuals from different parts of the world working at a grassroots level to bring about positive change in the laws and society of China to ensure the ethical, humane treatment of all animals. Lucy firmly believes that mankind`s treatment of animals is a mirror that, for better or worse, reflects our own level of moral and social development. With this perspective, Lucy looks forward to a future where animal rights activists throughout both China and the world join forces to end cruelty and build a China that truly is the land of poetry and grace it has always sought to be. When Chinese animals can rest easy knowing that they will be treated with the respect they deserve, China will see just how beautiful she can really become.



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