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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

Saturday, 14.09.2013   10:00-10:50   Room A
Making compassion easier
A strategy for achieving vegan critical mass
Tobias Leenaert

Working to bring about change for animals, our main imperative is to be as effective as possible. Effectiveness is about being smart, about vision, about strategy, not just doing what we feel good about, or what we hope works. The classic approach to changing the world, both within organizations and for individuals, is still: informing people about all the horrible things that happen, and then hope that they will change their behaviour. This is an important aspect of creating change, but it is by far not all. We need to also think about convenience, about communication style, about how to reach people in power, about the best ways to reach the most people with the least input, etc.

In this talk, Tobias Leenaert explains the strategy of EVA and their experiences with bringing about change in eating behaviour, which is the fastest way to quickly reduce the highest amount of animal abuse.













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