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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

Sunday, 15.09.2013   11:00-11:50   Room A
The Green Hill campaign in Italy
a case study for strategic action against vivisection
Claudio Pomo

The campaign against Green Hill beagle breeders in Italy has seen a shift in strategy and has been used in a different way from typical pressure campaigns. The goal to close the place has been sought looking mostly at public support and media interest in the story, moving a majority of Italians on our side and forcing institutions to do something. From the beginning we did not want to have a group of militants attacking a private company, but a portion of society condemning this place and opening their eyes on the horrors of vivisection and animal abuse. This has lead to incredible results, with massive media and political support, but also many difficulties we were probably not prepared to handle.

This presentation would like to be a case study of the campaign, the effects on the movement and society and the pro and cons of this strategy.













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