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Alain De Coessemaeker

Alain De Coessemaeker

Since childhood, after loosing my mom being 4 years old, I developed a deep sensitivity and special relationship with the animals and trees in my garden. From there I evolved to become a vegetarian in 1984 and became member of SED, an organization whose purpose it was to stop experiments on Animals. In the university of Ghent, where I studied some years philosophy, I got to know people like Leo Vidal Thiers and Koen Margodt, with whom I did help form the first Animal Rights Movement in Belgium, ADB, the same time our Prof. Dr. Jaap Kruithof formed the Manifest of Gaia, a Manifest which did take in consideration that an Intrinsic Right should be given to all human & non-human creatures as a highly necessary step in order to save our Planet Earth and all its creatures from extinction. Gaia became 2 years later GAIA (Global Action in the Interest of Animals), under the impulse of Michel Vanden Bosch as first greater Animal Rights Movement in Belgium. Prof. Jaap Kruithof did leave GAIA at this moment, even when one of the purposes of his Manifest did find actualization with the action group to save our Animals. Nevertheless the second part of his Manifest remained death letter what the actualization is concerned of saving the Lifes of other Life forms. It was this point which made me 6 years ago already plead to form a Movement which includes the Fight for the Intrinsic Rights of our Trees & to break the artificial dichotomy often created, especially by those who criticize the Animal Rights fighters to be pathocentric if they use the suffer argument in order to protect our Animals using the speciecist argument in order to valuate the animals but being blind, for our criticizers, for what is happening with our Tree- & Plant species.



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