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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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List of Presentations/Workshops/Discussions

Please note that this list is not final yet and that there will still be some changes and additions in the next weeks.

A world without subjugation, through policy, law, and activism
PRESENTATION Ankita Shanker Sunday, 06.09.2020  15:00-15:35  Online
Abolitionist outrage
What the vegan movement can learn from anti-slavery abolitionism in the 19th century
PRESENTATION Wlodzimierz Gogloza Sunday, 06.09.2020  10:20-10:55  Online
Animal free science: better science without animal testing
PRESENTATION Jen Hochmuth Saturday, 05.09.2020  14:20-14:55  Online
Animal Rights Activist Self-Care
PRESENTATION Lilla Galfi Sunday, 06.09.2020  15:40-15:55  Online
Animals` Rights: address the gap to achieve the United Nations` Sustainable Development Goals
PRESENTATION Katya Burns Saturday, 05.09.2020  17:40-18:15  Online
Developing South African domestic violence law to include companion animals
PRESENTATION Sheena Swemmer Sunday, 06.09.2020  14:20-14:55  Online
Exit animal production
revolutionary pragmatism beyond the shutdown of all slaughterhouses
PRESENTATION Friedrich Kirsch Saturday, 05.09.2020  19:20-19:55  Online
From non-animal methods to "ethically sourced" animal cadavers
A feasible, radical policy for replacement of animal experiments in education and training
PRESENTATION Nick Jukes Saturday, 05.09.2020  15:00-15:35  Online
How to work against slaughterhouses for animal liberation
PRESENTATION Martin Smedjeback Saturday, 05.09.2020  11:20-11:55  Online
People and cultures / Anymals and liberation
DISCUSSION Lisa Kemmerer Saturday, 05.09.2020  21:40-22:15  Online
Privilege and inclusivity
How to understand and talk about privilege to build a more empowered vegan movement
PRESENTATION Melanie Joy Sunday, 06.09.2020  17:20-18:00  Online
Rete dei Santuari
How sanctuaries in Italy were organized to promote antispeciesism and change
PRESENTATION Francesco Cortonesi, Sara D`Angelo Saturday, 05.09.2020  18:20-18:55  Online
SHAC: a story of compassion, resistance and a movement under siege
PRESENTATION Tom Harris, Nicola May, Gerrah Selby Sunday, 06.09.2020  11:00-11:35  Online
Speak up for fish!
PRESENTATION Lesley Fleuren Sunday, 06.09.2020  09:40-10:15  Online
Teaching liberation
DISCUSSION Blane Abercrombie, Nicola O`Brien, Riley J. Taylor, Aga Trzak, Liz Tyson Saturday, 05.09.2020  16:20-17:15  Online
The animal rights movement: our main challenges and how to overcome them
DISCUSSION Jamie Harris Sunday, 06.09.2020  13:00-13:35  Online
The power of social media for animals
PRESENTATION John Oberg Sunday, 06.09.2020  16:40-17:15  Online
Uncomfortable bedfellows: Challenges inherent in the "retirement" of non-human primates from vivisection
PRESENTATION Liz Tyson Sunday, 06.09.2020  16:00-16:35  Online
Underrepresented genders and animal liberation activism
A leaky pipeline we need to change
PRESENTATION María Carreras Sunday, 06.09.2020  13:40-14:15  Online
Unplugged: an uncensored conversation with activists imprisoned for their role in the battle for animal liberation
DISCUSSION Tom Harris, Nicola May, Gerrah Selby Sunday, 06.09.2020  11:40-12:35  Online
Veganmodernism, our final strategy for meat abolition?
PRESENTATION Stijn Bruers Saturday, 05.09.2020  12:00-12:35  Online
We see you.
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Angelika Oetker-Kast Saturday, 05.09.2020  12:40-13:15  Online
What can we do more to get the right to conscientious objection in education?
PRESENTATION Oğuzcan Kınıkoğlu Saturday, 05.09.2020  15:40-16:15  Online
Whistleblower and the downer cow mafia or how to close down 6 slaughterhouses in two years
PRESENTATION Friedrich Mülln Saturday, 05.09.2020  13:20-13:55  Online
Why political action is crucial to the vegan movement
PRESENTATION Erin Ersoy, Eilan Keister Saturday, 05.09.2020  21:00-21:35  Online
Your best self for a better world
WORKSHOP Lilla Galfi Saturday, 05.09.2020  20:00-20:35  Online
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