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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Saturday, 05.09.2020   15:00-15:35  Central European Summer Time (CEST)   Online
From non-animal methods to "ethically sourced" animal cadavers
A feasible, radical policy for replacement of animal experiments in education and training
Nick Jukes

The InterNICHE "Policy on the Use of Animals and Alternatives in Education and Training" is a comprehensive document that addresses all aspects of work with animals and alternatives in education and training. The Policy presents definitions and guidelines to ensure effective and fully ethical acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes for medical, veterinary and biology students. It includes definitions of alternatives and harm, and presents individual policies on dissection, the sourcing of animal cadavers, work with live animals for clinical skills and surgery training, and field studies. It also addresses the use of animals for the production of alternatives themselves. This presentation will explore the Policy, with a special focus on the definition of the term "ethically-sourced" for animal cadavers. Examples of animal body donation programs that follow the definition are provided. The Policy demonstrates the feasibility of full replacement of animal experimentation and of killing for the purpose of education and training, and shows how alternative methods can fully meet teaching objectives. Recommendations will be made for legislation, for ethics committees, and for animal protection organizations.




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