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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Saturday, 05.09.2020   21:00-21:35  Central European Summer Time (CEST)   Online
Why political action is crucial to the vegan movement
Erin Ersoy, Eilan Keister

Despite heartfelt attempts by animal rights activists and vegans claiming that the issue on animal rights should not be politicized, the issue on animal rights is one of the most inherently political justice issues we have yet to face. Every single social justice movement to date has needed political activism to succeed, including animal rights activism. We often, as animal rights activists, focus on changing minds rather than corporate policy, but corruption within animal exploitation systems and government denies us the ability to live truly cruelty free. The food system is rigged to benefit Big Animal Agriculture no matter what. Our vegan consumerism isn`t saving animals, Big Animal Agriculture uses our tax dollars to pay for the product we won`t purchase. Learn why this is happening, how this is happening, and what we need to do next...




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