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Friedrich Mülln

Friedrich MüllnFriedrich Mülln has been documenting factory farms for almost 25 years. His main field of action are investigations and data research into the animal industry. In the course of his work he published countless investigations in all the major media in Germany and Europe. His most prominent and well known accomplishments were three major undercover investigations in animal labs with the result of two labs being closed and actions against slaughterhouses with six abattoirs closed down. He is the founder of the animal rights organization SOKO Tierschutz being the key player in media communication on animal farm and vivisection issues in Germany. SOKO Tierschutz was involved in successful campaigns against foie gras, mink oil and the poultry industry. The philosophy of the organization is to battle the animal industry through research and investigation, close cooperation with the media, and changing consumer behavior.



Whistleblower and the downer cow mafia or how to close down 6 slaughterhouses in two years